10 Reasons WWE Champion Randy Orton Should Have Been Fired Years Ago

6. The Duffel Bag Incident

I've been hearing about the Duffel Bag Incident for so many years that it deserves to be capitalized. It's legendary. From what I'd gathered based on people's chatter online, Randy Orton pooped in a Diva's duffel bag. It's become an accepted truth amongst wrestling fans, but I'd never done the research to learn the details. The Diva in question, Rochelle Loewen, spoke candidly about the incident with Lords of Pain in June 2005. She clarified that Orton did not have a bowel movement in her bag, but only poured self-tanning lotion and baby oil into it, ruining her belongings inside. She was aggravated nonetheless, especially considering it was her first day on the job. She thinks that the only crime she committed was not recognizing Orton upon meeting him, as she did not have a history with wrestling and was employed as a model. Orton was allegedly infuriated by her ignorance, yelling "I hate you and I hate Canada!" when she asked if he was from there. Talk about an overreaction. He pulled a prank on her; it certainly wasn't kind, but it has been twisted into a gross exaggeration of what really happened. So why would I include it in this list? Because no one from the locker room ever stood up to dispute the rumour. No one has ever bothered to wipe the excrement from Orton's reputation, and I wonder if it's because everyone assumed he did it. If your own colleagues - many of whom spend more time with you than your own family €“ won't defend your honor, it speaks volumes about their perception of you.
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