10 Reasons WWE Need To End The Brand Split (Again)

It's time for WWE to bite the bullet and end the second divorce between RAW and SmackDown.


Who hates PPVs every two-to-three weeks? Pretty much all of us, and evidently, WWE does as well, as they announced at the start of the year a mercifully lighter PPV schedule. More time between shows exacerbates an existing problem of the month's dormant brand being stuck in limbo, so the company recently made another big decision: that from Backlash, all shows will become dual-branded.

There are certainly pros and cons to this development. For one thing: it should ostensibly save WWE a ton of money by not having to rent out an arena just for something inconsequential like a Battleground or Payback. In addition, with there being a show every month like the good old days, we won't have to be subjected to stalled feuds or running in circles just to kill time before the next RAW and SmackDown-exclusive show.

However, as many fans have pointed out, the demise of brand-exclusive PPVs spelled the beginning of the end of the original brand split, as the differentiation between the rosters grew softer and softer. That process took around four years, and so we shall make the argument that with this recent development, WWE should just bite the bullet now and end the brand split once again, saving us fans a huge headache.

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