10 Reasons WWE Shouldn't Bring Back Alberto Del Rio

Why waste precious dinero on this guy?


History has taught us that no matter how many bridges are burned, almost everyone who has ever had bad blood with WWE has returned at one point or another. Among the many individuals in this club is Alberto Del Rio, who was fired from the organization in 2014 before making a grand return the following year.

However, Del Rio would have been better off staying right where he was on the independent scene and in Lucha Underground. He might have been making far less money there, but at least creatively, he came across like a much bigger star. In WWE, he was wasted, and in September 2016, he was granted an early release from his contract.

Despite making headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past year, Del Rio is rumored for a WWE return once more, possibly sooner rather than later. He was spotted at WWE headquarters just recently, and with his IMPACT deal up in the spring, a comeback to the company isn't out of the question for him.

That said, for WWE to even consider re-signing Alberto Del Rio, especially any time soon, would be beyond ridiculous. Between WWE never capitalizing off the momentum he's had in the past and the issues he has had outside of the ring of late, the countless cons outweigh the minimal amount of pros when it comes to bringing back The Mexican Aristocrat.


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