10 Reasons WWE's Cruiserweight Division Has Fallen

For 205 Live, the damage has been done - and it's time to rebuild.


Fans, for years, longed and clamored for the return of a Cruiserweight division in WWE. The timing was never right, until 2016, when the Cruiserweight Classic was held as a WWE Network-exclusive event, featuring some of the best wrestling the company has promoted in the last decade.

Of course, the CWC was what opened the doors for Cruiserweight wrestling to be brought back to WWE programming full-time. Once it was officially announced that the division would be brought back on Raw, starting in September 2016, speculation ran wild as to how the aerial artists would inject new life into the dull three-hour format of the show, and how they would be handled.

Unfortunately, since the Cruiserweight division was botched from the get-go, it was all downhill from there.

Even the inception of 205 Live couldn't help the Cruiserweights, and for a solid year or so, there was zero buzz surrounding the scene. Something that started out with so much promise and excitement gradually deteriorated into the exact opposite of what the CWC was all about.

It wasn't until Triple H was given control of the Cruiserweights that the division finally took a turn for the better, but these were the 10 factors that contributed to its initial demise...


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