10 Ridiculously Ambitious WWE Ideas That Failed Horribly

Xtremely F*cking Laughable.


Incredible news broke over the weekend, of Vince McMahon potentially exhuming the most infamous disaster he ever attempted - the XFL.

The XFL.

The XFL.

Sorry to repeat that, but it will help you to realise just how absurd the idea is.

Without even being facetious, he might as well book the 59 year-old Lex Luger to win the 2018 Royal Rumble by last eliminating Kassius Ohno, before sending him on a cross-country excursion to shake the hands of and take pictures with his patriotic countrymen. There's as much chance of that getting over as the XFL becoming A Thing, even in these nostalgia-defined times.

It's both infuriating and deeply hilarious. McMahon is known for reverting to type, but never to this jaw-dropping extent - and he's never been in a more luxurious position to just do whatever the bloody hell he wants. If in fact that is what is happening: the 'Alpha Entertainment' vehicle otherwise reads as his attempt to just throw money at lots of things in an attempt to monopolise wrestling and everything else, even though he is objectively terrible at everything that isn't wrestling.

Still, there is hope for schadenfreude yet: the 'UrFL' trademark application smacks of a strategy to steal the lapsed, Trump-lovin' football fans from the reaches of the NFL.

Please, Vince. Sunday's Clash Of Champions was so poor that it almost demands a(nother) grand reckoning of public humiliation...


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