10 Rivalries That Will Define WWE In 2018

1. Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Reigns


Like it or not, the prospect of Roman Reigns headlining his fourth consecutive WrestleMania in New Orleans next year is looking like an increasingly likely one. Why else would WWE hold fire on a singles match with Brock Lesnar for so long, despite all the teasing?

How and when we revisit this feud - which also closed out 'Mania in 2015 - remains to be seen. The Shield reunion is expected to end in acrimony early next year when Dean Ambrose decides to go rogue, perhaps clearing the path for Roman to win the Royal Rumble and go solo once again.

With the Beast Incarnate's long-term WWE future currently in doubt, however, there's no guarantee that the rivalry will last into the spring. Instead, it could simply culminate with a one-off bout on the Grandest Stage of Them All, with Lesnar then disappearing from our screens.

It being perhaps the last chance to cement Roman's status as one of wrestling's top baby-faces, though, there's no denying that this will be one of the defining feuds of 2018 - even if they only meet in the ring once.

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