10 Saving Graces Of WWE Programming In 2017

Who knows how much worse WWE TV would have been in 2017 without these ten stars.


All in all, WWE TV wasn't exactly stellar in 2017, but it was far from the most abysmal year in recent memory, largely thanks to a select few superstars from SmackDown Live and Raw. The return of the Brand Split in 2016 allowed several stars to receive more airtime as well as opportunities to break out, and 2017 was no different in that respect.

The two brands weren't always entertaining (especially during the dark days of Jinder Mahal's WWE Championship reign on SmackDown), but each episode of Raw and SmackDown featured at least a handful of highlights that made them worth watching. Whether their matches were exceptional or their promos stood out above the rest, they left viewers satisfied and happy they tuned in instead of regretting their decision to sit through a three-hour Raw or two-hour SmackDown.

They didn't have to be champions, but when they were, they carried their respective brand with their excellent work ethic and tendency to turn anything they were involved in to gold.

In so many words, they were the saving graces of WWE TV last year. Without these ten stars, 2017 would remembered as a much worse year for the company ... assuming it would be remembered at all.


Graham Mirmina (aka Graham “GSM” Matthews) joined Hidden Remote in March 2015. Additionally, he has been a WWE Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report since May 2010 and also contributes work to WhatCulture. An Endicott College alumnus, he is currently pursuing his master's in Digital Journalism at Quinnipiac University, in addition to working as a freelance sports writer. His ultimate goal is to one day write for WWE.