10 Scariest In-Ring Wrestling Accidents

10. Brock’s Botched Shooting Star Press


He might be one of the most athletic big men in wrestling history, but Brock Lesnar’s freakish agility provided the biggest botch of his career at WrestleMania XIX. Competing against Kurt Angle, Lesnar made his way to the top rope after downing ‘The Olympic Hero,’ then flew across the ring with what should have been a breathtaking Shooting Star Press.

Unfortunately, Brock came up short. Kurt was too far away for the move to connect, and as a result, 'The Beast' landed awkwardly on his head and neck. It was a sickening bump, but Lesnar miraculously avoided serious injury - and even finished the match - leaving the building with the WWE Championship after a third F5 on Angle.

The spot was a real heart-in-mouth moment. Watching a wrestler land on his head is never easy, particularly when they’re Brock’s size, and the botch left fans gasping. Lesnar had reportedly performed the move dozens of times without incident before, but he screwed up on the biggest stage of them all, and was lucky to leave with his neck intact.

Unsurprisingly, WWE actively discouraged Brock from top rope moves thereafter.

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