10 Shocking WWE Superstar Firings No One Saw Coming

Neither the WWE Universe or the superstars who received their pink slips saw these firings coming.

In the competitive world of the WWE, getting fired is a daily worry for all but a handful of talents. Whether it's making a mistake in the ring or a years old social media post, there are many things which can potentially bring a superstar's career to an end, especially now that the product is PG and what may have been acceptable in past eras simply won't fly in today's publicly-traded WWE. With yet another high profile firing last week, it's clear that getting Future Endeavoured in the WWE can come out of nowhere, and looking back through WWE history, there obviously exists a very long list of superstars and divas who were unceremoniously fired for various reasons. However, some of those stand out as being particularly surprising, and not just because they were huge stars. Taking a gander at the current WWE roster, it's relatively easy to pick out those unlikely to be with the company much longer, but there's occasionally a firing which rocks the company to its very core. Those are the ones which happen when no one is expecting them, for reasons which could have never been imagined. Here, you will find the ten most shocking and significant examples of those.

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