10 Shocking WWE Superstar Firings No One Saw Coming

10. Alberto Del Rio


At one point, it looked like WWE were about to hand Alberto Del Rio the keys to the kingdom. He won the Royal Rumble and the Money in the Bank briefcase within a year of his debut, and later claimed the WWE Championship twice.

It came a quite a shock, in other words, when the former AAA star was fired in August 2014 just a couple of weeks after challenging for the Intercontinental Title at the previous month's Battleground.

Reports that circulated in the months after claimed that Del Rio was given his marching orders because of unprofessional conduct; namely, getting into a scrap with a co-worker after they were alleged to have made a "racist" remark.

Fighting another of your company's employees - whatever the provocation - is probably going to land you in hot water, but this is WWE we're talking about. Backstage fights seem to happen every week - even the chairman is getting involved in them - so perhaps there were other reasons they wanted him gone. Reasons we probably won't ever know.