10 Shocking WWE Superstar Firings No One Saw Coming

9. Mr Kennedy


Forces outside of Mr Kennedy's control always seemed to conspire to keep him from his big break. Injury saw him lose his Money in the Bank briefcase to Edge in April 2007, and a few months later it was Hornswoggle of all people who was given the role of Vince McMahon's long-lost son.

Even after all of that, though, Kennedy still seemed to have a WWE future. He was solid if largely unspectacular in the ring, had a decent gimmick (if being able to say your own name in a really elaborate way constitutes a "gimmick") and had a bit of momentum too. The fans liked him - more than they liked Bobby Lashley or The Great Khali, anyway.

Things turned sour for the OVW graduate, however, in mid-2009, when - and this is only according to Kennedy himself - he got on the wrong side of John Cena and Randy Orton. They complained to Vince McMahon that their colleague's style in the ring wasn't conducive the WWE good, leading to his abrupt release in May 2009, just a month after the Raw carpet was rolled out for him at the annual draft.