10 Shocks WWE Could Pull At Royal Rumble 2018

2. Daniel Bryan Gets The All Clear


We're duty-bound to report on the main rumours currently doing the rounds - however improbable it may seem on paper - and some fans are absolutely convinced Daniel Bryan will pop up in the men's Rumble.

Mainly, this stems from the well-founded idea that the SmackDown power axis is on the brink of collapse, which will presumably leave Bryan out of a job (and potentially free to explore his options as an independent contractor) around WrestleMania time.

f WWE plan on keeping him around beyond that, then it will probably have to be as a fully paid-up member of the roster rather than as an on-screen authority figure, and that means putting back into the fray - something we were told they would never, ever consider.

For that reason, we're not totally buying it. Even if they were going to sanction another match, it seems unlikely that they'd have him win the Rumble when his ongoing storyline with Shane McMahon remains unresolved. Let's just see what happens come January 28.