10 Shocks WWE Could Pull At Royal Rumble 2018

1. Angle Fills In


SmackDown's GM entering the Rumble may be something of a long shot, but it doesn't seem too far outside the realms of possibility that his Raw counterpart could show up at some point in the main event.

Here's how it could come about: one of his competitors gets attacked and laid out backtage on the night of the show (the most fitting candidate for this role would be his son, Jason Jordan) and then Kurt agrees to step in like the committed boss he is.

This would mirror what happened at Tables, Ladders & Chairs back in October, when Angle stepped in to fill the shoes of Roman Reigns after The Big Dog was sidelined with illness on the eve of the show.

The Olympic Gold Medallist's issues with Triple H and Stephanie are still ongoing, of course, making January 28 a good opportunity to help all of that animosity bubbling under the surface gather a little more intensity - particularly if The Game himself decides that he fancies a go at winning his third Rumble.

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