10 Shocks WWE Could Pull At Royal Rumble 2018

9. Women's Division Legends


It took them nearly half a century, but WWE has finally started treating its female division with a modicum of respect, with the announcement of an all-female Royal Rumble another important step on the road to gender parity.

Never likely to shy away from patting itself on the back, it seems likely that the company will use this landmark moment as an opportunity not just to showcase its current crop of female wrestlers, but to celebrate the history of women in wrestling as a whole.

As such, we can probably expect to see at least one or two legends from the not-too-distant past pop up as surprise entrants - which ought to be fine provided that they don't totally monopolise screen time and steal the limelight away from the younger stars.

Given that the priority here should be putting on a compelling match, we'd anticipate legends still capable of doing their bit in the ring. That rules out the likes of Sable and Torrie Wilson, but Trish, Lita and Beth Phoenix can all probably expect a call (if they haven't received one already).