10 Shocks WWE Could Pull At Royal Rumble 2018

8. Jeff Returns


Jeff Hardy was taken from our screens back in September by a shoulder injury, the initial prognosis for which indicated a recovery time of "up to" six months.

By the time January 28 comes around, it would have been a little more than four, which means there is at least an outside chance that the Charismatic Enigma will pop up for a surprise, crowd-pleasing appearance in the men's Royal Rumble.

With Woken Matt's, er, awakening now in full swing, it seems unlikely that the company would be interested in reuniting Team Xtreme just yet - not unless they're prepared to make Jeff, who they've always seen as the bigger star of the two, play second fiddle to his brother.

What could happen instead is that Jeff simply returns on his own, enjoys a brief and comical backstage encounter with his now insane big bro, and then moves over to SmackDown immediately, setting up a potential run at the US Title in time for WrestleMania.