10 Shocks WWE Could Pull At The Greatest Royal Rumble

Rowdy Arabia


Is there any way WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble ultimately disappoints?

It is perhaps the most loaded card in WWE history not named WrestleMania. Seven title matches support two feature contests pitting John Cena against Triple H and The Undertaker against Rusev. All of those sit in the shadow of the real main event - a 50 man Royal Rumble. 50 f*cking men. There's quite literally never been a match like it. There almost certainly won't be one again.

Only once have WWE messed around with their most treasured gimmick. In 2011, Alberto Del Rio won the only 40-man variant of the clash to earn an opening match loss at the subsequent WrestleMania. Such indignity won't await the winner of this marathon match, though the audacious trophy currently lined up for the winner doesn't really seem quite a fitting enough reward.

The promotion of this event has proven just how much WWE are willing to stretch themselves to impress their Saudi sugar-daddies. Merely just delivering upon the lofty expectations of the near-60,000 likely to file in to Jeddah's King Abdullah International Stadium seems like the least they'll do to make good on assisting the country with its worryingly aggressive rebranding.


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