10 Signs CM Punk Is Obsessed With Money

Did the man who claimed to 'fall out of love with wrestling' ever love it in the first place?

This week Stone Cold Steve Austin hosted an episode of his podcast with his old boss and nemesis Vince McMahon. Such an event, which took on a 'shoot interview' style to boot, should have dominated the wrestling news sites and dirt sheets for weeks, months and maybe even years to come. The reality is however the show, which aired on the WWE Network, has taken a back-seat while the entire wrestling world has talked about one man who hasn't been an active roster member since the beginning of the year. We all heard the explosive first episode of his long time friend Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling show and were equally shocked with some of the revelations. However, being the devil's advocates that we are, we like to question what the biggest names have to say and not just accept what they say as gospel. Punk based the reasoning for his departure from WWE down to the fact the company made him fall out of love with wrestling. The injuries, lack of compelling creative and gruelling schedule that WWE superstars have to put up with were all cited. We have to question if he was ever actually in love with wrestling as the final main issue he brought up has left us questioning his motives.
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