10 Silliest Foreign Objects In Wrestling History

Does it get anymore silly than a sledgehammer in a wrestling match?


The ‘foreign object’ is an absurd plot device that is as old as wrestling itself. It is as part of the product as much as gullible referees, slick talking managers, and wrestlers who don’t seem to be able to see cameras when they are hanging out backstage. It is so ingrained in wrestling semiotics that when we see someone inevitably pull out a chair, or a table, or even a monitor from the announcer’s desk we don’t even think twice. 

Which is actually kind of bizarre if you really think about it. Can you imagine if, at the end of a boxing match, somebody won the world title by stealthily using a trash can while the referee had their back turned? The use of foreign objects is the height of narrative idiocy, but it is that very stupidity that makes it fun.

Occasionally, though, an innovative wrestler will provide a foreign object (usually as a weapon) that can only be described as silly, even by wrestling standards. These are the props that can make us laugh, make us cringe, or sometimes make us embarrassed to be fans of the business.

These are the top ten silliest foreign objects to have appeared in wrestling...

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