10 Smart Decisions WWE Made At WrestleMania 30 & Raw

Maybe WWE does actually know what it’s doing.

John Canton


Cesaro 2 Gif

It’s fair to say that both WrestleMania 30 and the Raw that followed were excellent wrestling shows. While the tragedy of The Ultimate Warrior passing away is still fresh in our minds, it’s important to try to move on and look to the future. In WWE’s case, as they wipe their tears away, it’s about their bright future.

WrestleMania was a success largely because most of the younger talent went over the older talent.  With the exception of John Cena beating Bray Wyatt (a very questionable move in my opinion), a younger talent got the win. Since it’s WrestleMania, most of them are babyfaces like Daniel Bryan, Cesaro and The Shield. That bodes well for their future.

Raw was a very entertaining show even though they didn’t have a lot of in-ring action at all. It was a promo heavy broadcast in front of one of the hottest crowds of the year. Matches don’t always matter. Stories do. On this night, the stories came through to deliver a memorable show from start to finish with the babyfaces standing strong once again.

Here’s a look at ten smart booking decisions that WWE made at WrestleMania 30 and Raw.


10. Adam Rose & Bo Dallas Coming Soon

This week on Raw, we saw video packages for two new talents that will be debuting on the WWE main roster soon.

The first video questioned whether we were Bo-lievers in honor of former WWE NXT Champion Bo Dallas. It appears as though Dallas will make his mark in WWE by continuing his gimmick where he comes across like an arrogant jerk that wants people to follow him even though the fans don’t like him one bit. It’s a heel gimmick similar to what The Rock did when he first got over as a heel in 1997 although Dallas isn’t nearly as charismatic as him.

Adam Rose is an over the top, partying type of gimmick portrayed by the former Leo Kruger who has done a phenomenal job of morphing into this new character. It’s a bit like Austin Powers or you could even say he’s similar to Russell Brand although that may not be a good thing. He’ll be in the babyface role as a fun loving guy that gets along with everybody.

It’s a good sign that WWE is continuing to build for the future with more young talent like Rose and Dallas on their way to the big time any time now.