10 Spine-Chilling WWE Calls You'll Never Forget

Oh my!


Have you ever tried to watch Alfred Hitchcock's Pyscho without the score? Of course you haven't. Everyone knows Bernard Herrmann's chilling music playing during the film's climactic scene is exactly what makes it so frightening.

Well, it's the same deal when it comes to wrestling and commentary. You can still enjoy the athletic and technical prowess on display in the ring with the sound turned down, but it doesn't mean as much without a good announcer talking you through what you're watching, pointing out the small details you might have missed, William Regal-style.

And yes: this even includes the perennially maligned Michael Cole. While most of the great calls featured on this list come courtesy of Jim Ross - the wrestling commentator to whom everyone else is and will be (unfairly) compared until the end of time - the current voice of Raw is a sorely undervalued part of the product, and one that would be missed were he not around. Well... maybe.

That said, one does wonder how some of these classic moments would be called if they happened today. Reference to hashtags and Twitter trends can kind of kill the vibe.

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