10 Strangest WWE Merchandise Items People Actually Bought

Wrestling fans will buy anything...

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WWE have attempted to sell almost everything over the years. Since the boom of Hulkamania in the 80's, programs, magazines, t-shirts, teddy bears, action figures, video games, foam hands and even key rings have been sold.

Think about some of the greatest pieces of wrestling merchandise you remember from childhood. How about the infamous Austin 3:16 t-shirt that sold like hot cakes and made you the coolest kid at school during the late-90's? Or maybe it's that prized replica WWF Intercontinental Title (the one with the white strap) hanging on your wall that makes you feel all fuzzy?

It's guaranteed that none of your nostalgic memories involve fake wigs, penis t-shirts or the dreaded phrase, 'Always Pounding Ass'.

The amount of awful merch items that have passed WWE's quality check is frankly embarrassing, but hey, at least they've tried to teach the fan base to cook and wear a t-shirt that says 'Blow Me' on the front...

10. The WWF Cookbook

WWF Cookbook Jim Ross The Rock Steve Austin

Ever wondered what the likes of Steve Austin, The Rock and Kane got up to on their days off from raising hell, eyebrows and sorry saps up for a devastating Chokeslam? Well, it turns out WWE's finest enjoy nothing more than hitting the kitchen to cook up a storm.

Talk about mis-reading your audience, 'Can You Take The Heat?' was a cook book released during the height of the Attitude Era.

Recipes for 'Kane's Red Velvet Cake', 'Sgt. Slaughter's Mess Hall Dip' and 'Road Dogg's Oatmeal Cookies' are all included, along with the baffling 'Jericho Doodles'. Talk about variation, YJ2's meal of choice is also cookies, and there's even another biscuit-based recipe from The Rock too.

If you want to make cookies, this is the cook book to choose. Other than that, it's pretty confusing why the WWF's marketing team thought this was a good idea in October, 2000.

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