10 Stretches Of Punishments WWE Stars Had To Endure To Be Forgiven

The stars who came in from the cold.


As one might expect from a company ran by an erratic, tempestuous billionaire, WWE's punishments don't often fit the crime.

Titus O'Neil was dealt a nonsensical 60-day suspension ostensibly for nudging Vince McMahon in February 2016. Hell in a Cell 2009 saw World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk drop his belt to The Undertaker in just over 10 minutes, reportedly as a direct consequence of 'The Voice Of The Voiceless' violating an unwritten backstage dress code. Blading against company orders brought Batista a brutal $100,000 fine shortly after WWE's PG rating came into play in 2008, and the list goes on.

But regardless of how heavy-handed the sentence, there's usually a way out of McMahon's doghouse. The Chairman will rebuild any bridge if he thinks there's money to be made, and as a result, it's impossible to completely dismiss blacklisted ex-employees like CM Punk and AJ Lee from ever returning to the fold.

The names within aren't the only examples of jilted performers who came in from the cold, but the time served by each shows that even WWE's biggest stars aren't bulletproof in Vince's Court of Wrestling Justice, no matter how severe their crimes...

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