10 Stupidest Gimmick Changes In WWE History

Change can be scary sometimes, especially when the gimmicks are this bad.

WHO WWE Jim Neidhart

Many times, a talented wrestler can fail to connect with the audience for a variety of reasons: Maybe his mic work isn't up to par, or his style doesn't translate to television, or his in-ring psychology needs work.

However, sometimes a wrestler's character just simply isn't clicking, necessitating a change in direction.

This has given us many legends from the past: The Ringmaster turned into Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rocky Maivia became the Rock, Hunter Hearst Helmsley became Triple H, and Rocker Shawn Michaels became the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

But, for every successful gimmick change, there seems to be about 100 failed changes. History tends to remember the successful transitions but the awful ones get flushed down the proverbial toilet, never to be seen again.

Fear not, dear reader, this list will cover some of those failed gimmick changes and remind you of their silliness all over again.


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