10 Superstars Who Aren't As Big As They Think They Are

That Damn (Quite) Good.


Perception is reality in professional wrestling, and so it should be.

For a medium in which everything is supposed to be inflated beyond reason and rationale, there's nothing wrong with a big lie becoming a pro wrestling truth for the good of the artform. In an ideal world, a performer is exactly as popular, or hated, or tall, or short, or successful, or even as stupid as they're supposed to be because that's when it's most believable. But the world is less than ideal, and that's where this particular industry should be able to flourish in spite of it.

Wrestling done well has the advantage of being able to fake these things. It may be the dirtiest f-word in the business based on years of grief given to those giving their bodies to the show, but the Superstars can be everything the company wants them to be if they're good enough to do it.

Some "fake it til they make it", and again, all power to them for mastering the mechanics of the bizarre industry they've chosen to invest their careers in. Some, unfortunately, believe their own hype to such an extent that reality no longer marries up with the perception they've created. Whilst this can occasionally be great, it has the power to get a little...gross...

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