10 Superstars WWE Tried To Push In 2017 (But Failed Miserably)

So much promise, so few results.


WWE had its fair share of issues in 2017, including many disappointing NXT call-ups, but the company was surely not short on success stories. Look no further than The Miz; after the amazing 2016 he experienced, he continued to reinvent himself in 2017. More impressively, he made Monday Night Raw bearable last year, something most fans never thought would be possible again.

And then there's Braun Strowman. He, too, started the year with very little expectations - only to supersede them and become a big-time babyface on the flagship show. Now, he is eyeing World Championship gold heading into 2018.

Whether it was the company's doing or their ability to get over on their own (or a bit of both), Miz and Strowman were able to have breakout years in 2017.

Sadly, the same can not be said for everyone on the WWE roster. Some have tried to escape the limitations of the company's bad booking and poor storytelling, yet weren't nearly as prosperous.

These 10 stars fell flat on their faces in 2017, failing to deliver the goods when it was their time to shine. You can't say WWE didn't try - but the effort they put forth into making them mean something might not have been the best.

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