10 Surprise Entrants We Want To See In WWE's Women's Royal Rumble

Not featured: Santina Marella.


News that WWE will be holding the first-ever female Royal Rumble next month has got the whole wrestling world talking.

To many, this is a potential watershed moment in mainstream female wrestling, comparable to the official beginning of Stephanie McMahon's "Women's Revolution" three years ago, or the time they blessedly stopped referring to them as "Divas".

One of the most interesting things about the match is that it hasn't yet been made clear just how many competitors are going to be involved. We know that 10 members of the Raw roster are confirmed, and presumably there will be a similar amount from SmackDown.

If they're going for a full 30, that means that there are perhaps as many as 10 spots that could be filled by a combination of NXT rookies making the step up and, just as excitingly, a smattering of legends from eras past.

Mercifully, with the departure of James Ellsworth last month, there are currently no men on the roster who are likely to enter the match donning a dress and a tiara (although we can't totally rule out Stephanie McMahon rocking up at no. 30, in the spirit of her husband).

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