10 Surprises WWE Could Pull At Extreme Rules 2018

10. Nikki Cross Debuts


WWE made a curious decision in not bringing Nikki Cross to SmackDown with her Sanity stablemates. Yes, she worked an NXT Women's Championship programme with Shayna Baszler, but wrestlers have split their time between NXT and the main roster in the past, and we all knew she was but a transitional opponent for 'The Queen Of Spades' anyway. Calling her up in April wouldn't have held anything up, and would've given SD's women's division an exciting new competitor. Alas, WWE disagreed.

Extreme Rules could be the ideal jump-off point, as Sanity are set to wrestle The New Day on the Kickoff Show. The tables stipulation would allow her to interject without provoking a disqualification too, and her unhinged character means her attack on Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, or Big E would be credible. She doesn't even need to go that far, though - a textbook WWE-style distraction, damaging as they are, would probably work just as well.

Cross feels incomplete without Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain. She'll soon be lost on NXT, so reuniting her with WWE's most chaotic group should be a priority.


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