10 Tag Team Wrestlers Who Held Their Partners Back

Carrying a team is even harder than carrying a match!


Marty Jannetty gets a bad rap.

Today, Jannetty is mostly remembered as the weak link of The Rockers, the high-flying star who wasn't as good as Shawn Michaels and who never made it as far as HBK. The truth is that Jannetty was also excellent in the ring (many fans felt that during their partnership, Marty was actually the stronger worker), and more than anything else, what held him back were his issues with substance abuse.

Despite all that, the name "Marty Jannetty" has become synonymous with tag team members who didn't reach the heights their partners did, and the weaker member of a tandem is sometimes called the "Marty."

In this history of wrestling, there are many, many tag teams with an obvious talent discrepancy between partners - and while The Rockers aren't one of them, these teams typically contain a member who holds back his partner. Tag team wrestling is a staple of the sport, and teams made of great workers add immeasurably to a promotion, but when a weak link is dragging his partner down, the partner would be better served as a singles star.

Here are 10 tag team wrestlers who held their partners back. In most cases, the talented workers who were stymied could only achieve greatness after the team split. In others, they never got the chance.


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