10 Talented Wrestlers Let Down By Lame Gimmicks

Hello, midcard!


Pro wrestlers are at the mercy of those employing them, and that can have truly disastrous results if the creative team doesn't pick the right character to fit each performer.

Things work the other way too, naturally; for example, Triple H morphing from the bland Hunter Hearst Helmsley into a crucial part of D-Generation X in 1997 allowed the man to display his strengths rather than be pigeon-holed into a one-note gimmick.

Not everyone has been as fortunate as 'The Game' though, and there are examples of those gimmicks that actually stifled a talented wrestler's career entirely, sometimes even killing any chances they had of making it to the top.

Often, it seems like the creative minds in major companies like WWE and WCW have just thrown things at the nearest wall to see what might stick; that explains why this list includes (amongst other things) pirates, disco dancers, porn stars, professors, burglars and the mentally ill.

Even the most sensitive of subjects are rarely exempt when those writers need a new character...

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