10 Tallest Wrestlers Ever (And How Giant They Really Were)

6. Giant Silva €- 7'2''

Giant Silva oddities

Giant Silva is a man who€'s been around. Initially a basketball player, the Brazilian Silva moved on to pro wrestling in 1997. He enjoyed a two year stint in the WWE as a part of the Oddities stable, before continuing his career in New Japan Pro Wrestling and ultimately going on to ply his trade as a mixed martial artist.

Though billed at 7€'3"€ in his wrestling days, his background in more legitimate sporting fields give us a clearer indication as to his true height. And on this occasion, the forces of embellishment weren€'t particularly at large.

Silva is officially measured at 7€'2"€. When playing basketball, he was a tad shorter at 7€'1"€, but that was over two and a half decades ago. Further evidence of his 7€'2"€ stature is presented in the clip of Silva tagging with Khali, and thus it€'s reasonable to accept this figure.


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