10 Tallest Wrestlers Ever (And How Giant They Really Were)

3. Silo Sam €- 7'3''

The bronze medal spot goes to Silo Sam, real name John Harris. Other aliases that Harris wrestled under include Trapper John and the somewhat less imaginative Big John Harris. His actual career was particularly brief. After debuting in 1985, he only featured for a couple of years, wrestling for WCCW, AWA, and even the WWE. After that though, he seemingly €vanished€ and became particularly difficult to find for a man of such a size.

Little else is known of Sam, except that he was billed at 7€'7".€ That was, of course, a slight exaggeration, with real estimates of his actual height ranging from 7€'3"€ to 7€'5"€. Whichever of the two figures was indeed correct, it€'s enough to earn Silo Sam a spot in the top three on our top ten list.


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