10 Tallest WWE Wrestlers Ever

Reaching new heights...


All heights are disputed, because it's wrestling.

With that out of the way, have a think about why Vince McMahon has always valued physical stature over just about every other aspect of the business he purchased from his father in in 1982. Keen to take the territory from the North East of America to the entire f*cking world in short order, McMahon needed giant men to wow the crowd even if they didn't posses a half the ability of others half their size.

Spotting how wowed the wrestling populous was by Andre The Giant, he looked to craft others in his image - goliaths that would stop others dead in airports, leave jaws permanently on floors in arenas and look even bigger on expensive cameras designed to add size and stature. He selected Hulk Hogan as his cash cow, then Andre for his greatest opponent when he looked to sell 93,173 tickets (or, at least 78,000...) at WrestleMania III.

The fiction has long replaced the facts; it's near-impossible to find definitive figures on actual heights, not least when billed ones are more entertaining anyway. WWE is a big man's world - the "Land Of The Giants" as it was pessimistically referred by a generation of superworkers - but here are some of the biggest that didn't remotely need to be the best.


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