10 Terrible WWE Gimmicks That Were One Tweak Away From Perfection

The Nearly-But-Not-Quite Men.

Marc Mero

The Hell In A Cell main event between Seth Rollins and The Fiend needed more than just a finish to salvage what was clearly a train careering off the tracks, but the collapse of the contest yet again highlighted a raft of internal fragilities.

Modern day WWE operates in spite of itself, with talent constantly skating on razor-thin ice thanks to the lack of metrics solidifying their standing. On her WWE Network 24 Special, Becky Lynch referred to 2019's 'Show Of Shows' as "my WrestleMania". She espoused this with beaming pride, but there was a subconscious understanding of the broken system wrapped within it - making it on the grandest stage wasn't going to cement her status the following year as it once might have done for Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin or, latterly, Roman Reigns. She was grateful for her turn but knew it was just that.

Characters and gimmicks aren't intentionally abused by the clunky creative machine, but they're so often hindered by the damaged mechanisms. WWE has failed enough times to show itself as an imperfect model, but there was a time when even the duds were earnest efforts.

In 2019, the company willfully hijacked the progress of Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins in that rancid main event in a way they'd never have done for some of the following accidental aberrations. Partly because they couldn't have sustained it, but also because the gimmicks themselves were surprisingly close to finding success...

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