10 Things Deleted From WWE History

Tracing the problematic missing pages in WWE's history books.


The phrase "rich and storied" doesn't do WWE's history justice. With a legacy stretching all the way back to Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt's creation of the Capitol Wrestling Corporation in 1952, the company has taken many different forms over the past six decades, and have sat as the undisputed market leaders for much of that time.

Their history is incomprehensibly deep, and they're obsessed with it. Not a single show passes without the company making multiple references to the past. Breaking records and "creating moments" is often their sole storytelling goal, and it often feels like everything they do in 2017 must be compared to a prior event, regardless of whether or not it makes sense to do so.

WWE don't always deliver an accurate representation of past events, however. They're never shy of rewriting history if it doesn't suit their narrative, and there have been countless occasions where they've not only twisted the past to suit the present, but deleted it from the record books entirely, expecting the audience to do the same.

Some instances are understandable, but others are just bewildering. Either way, none have escaped the mindful gaze of their audience...


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