10 Things Stone Cold Must Ask The Undertaker On WWE Network Podcast

If Stone Cold should ask these questions, gimmie a hell yeah!


Stone Cold Steve Austin's well received WWE Network podcast will return to our live feeds on June 1st. After some mixed reviews for Y2J's "Live With Chris Jericho", and rumored friction between Vince McMahon and Stone Cold, WWE has doubled down by giving The Rattlesnake not only more podcasts, but big-time guests as well. While scanning the list of legends including Hulk Hogan, and WCW's Sting, one name has stood out from the rest...The Undertaker.

Recently, and throughout most of his career, The Undertaker hasn't really given many interviews. Aside from an appearance on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg, and a few spots on HHH's DVD, seeing The Deadman out of character is an extreme rarity partly due to the nature of his gimmick, and overall private life of the man.

Furthermore, over the last few years we've seen the wrestler podcast genre explode, as many talents routinely make the rounds of the circuit. Without question the most elusive has been The Deadman. Fans have been clamoring to hear not only his story, but what he thinks about current happenings, wrestlers, and things that have gone on during his 25 year history with WWE. 

Additionally, It's hard to imagine this interview not breaking WWE Network records and selling subscriptions. Much like the Vince McMahon interview, WWE has served up a guest that everyone wants to hear from, who is completely fresh, and is with a great interviewer in Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

Here's 10 things Austin must touch on while interviewing The Undertaker!


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