10 Things That Have Contributed To WWE SmackDown Live's Fall From Grace

It will take a ton of rehabbing to get SmackDown Live back to its apex.


When WWE's second Brand Split went into effect in the summer of 2016, it was unknown how SmackDown Live would fare against Raw considering its roster wasn't nearly as star-studded. The show also had two hours to work with compared to Raw's three, so from the get-go, the blue brand had the odds stacked against it.

Despite that, it slowly but surely emerged as the A-show over Raw; maybe not in the ratings, but definitely in terms of quality. Almost every week for a year straight, fans raved about all the things SmackDown was doing right and how it made the most of who and what it had.

Unfortunately, not all good things can last forever, and shortly after WrestleMania 33, SmackDown took a turn for the worse. Over time, Raw became the better brand, but the decline in quality wasn't too noticeable until the atrocious Battleground pay-per-view in late July.

Granted, SmackDown has certainly improved in recent weeks and has shown promise in returning to the heights it was once at, but 2017 has so far not been too kind to the Tuesday night program. Many factors have contributed to the show's gradual downfall, but these are easily the ten biggest reasons.


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