10 Things That Made Us Embarrassed To Be Wrestling Fans In 2017

10. The Misadventures Of Bray Wyatt


It didn't seem too controversial to anoint Bray Wyatt WWE's worst modern creation shortly after yet another abysmal night on WWE's 'Grandest Stage' earlier this year. 'The Eater Of Worlds' attempted to make Randy Orton an eater of worms (and other insects) when he used his utterly pointless magic powers to summon projections upon the canvas that 'The Viper' probably couldn't see anyway.

A giant bug was an appropriate takeaway visual, considering how Wyatt was squashed like one just minutes later. An offensively pedestrian WWE Title win for 'The Apex Predator' should have a nadir for a character such as Bray, but the defeat instead kicked open unseen trapdoors he subsequently went sailing through.

Their useless 'House Of Horrors' rematch was an insulting mess. Shoddy horror flick action in the pre-tape begat an uninteresting conclusion designed to move Orton onto his WWE Title feud with Jinder Mahal. Bray couldn't even get near the belt in a contractually obligated rematch he actually won.

Unseen amongst the mucky fridge and dirty saucepans in Bray's cucina degli orrori was a pot of spaghetti bolognese he was saving for the next poor soul to share television time with him.

For a man capable of raising house lights and human arms merely with the raising of his own, Finn Bálor as both 'The Demon' and 'The Man' didn't have it in him to carry Wyatt to something good. Bray caught a serious viral infection right before he was to debut his literal manifestation of Sister Abigail to conclude their feud. Sh*tting the bed in private was presumably infinitely preferable to doing it on pay-per-view.

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