10 Things That Would Happen If WWE Seriously Started Listening To The Fans

Sh*tty jokes, GM nonsense and sinking ratings? ALL GONE.

Vince Shane Stephanie McMahon Triple H

Vince McMahon, his son Shane, daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Triple H all stood in the ring on Raw and promised to turn over a new leaf. The days of not listening were over, they claimed, before saying the fans were now 'The Authority' and would have full autonomy over creative affairs.

We'll see.

If history has taught us anything about WWE's brand of self-reflection, it's that this olive branch has been snapped from the tree and handed to customers before. Think back to Vince's own Attitude era speech ("good guys and bad guys") in 1997, or his promises to bring out the WWE roster's "ruthless aggression" in 2002. On those occasions, change did happen, though it's fair to say few are expecting a meaningful one this time around.

That's understandable given how dire the flagship has been lately, but what if the McMahon family did seriously listen to their audience and give them exactly what they wanted? Just how different would the WWE product look, and how quick would the transition from monotonous TV to more satisfying, thrill-ride-style weeklies be?


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