10 Things We Learned From Austin Aries On Talk Is Jericho

8. Viewed His Injury As A Blessing In Disguise


One errant strike from Shinsuke Nakamura was all it took to break Austin's eye socket and leave him with grotesque injuries. The injury (which left Aries looking like a cast member from The Walking Dead) happened in October, 2016 and kept him benched until the following Spring.

When discussing the nasty-looking fracture, Aries again showed his sense of humour by telling Jericho he'd have done it to himself if he knew the opportunities it'd lead to. Not wanting to be forgotten, he told Triple H that he'd like to remain on TV, and that led to his work as a colour commentator on 205 Live and Monday Night Raw.

In other words, Austin views the injury as a blessing in disguise. Although incredibly painful, it enabled him to learn from announcers like Michael Cole and indirectly convinced WWE to give him a program with Neville and a match at WrestleMania 33.

Every cloud and all that.


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