10 Things We Learned From Bruce Prichard's The Radicalz Podcast

What really went down when 4 WCW stars jumped to WWF at the start of 2000?

Radicalz Debut

2000 was a tumultuous year for World Championship Wrestling. Changing bookers with the same regularity that most people change underwear, the company was not a happy place.

In January of that year, the quartet of Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero would make a huge jump to the WWF. Debuting at the end of the month, the foursome were collectively known as The Radicalz. For Benoit and Guerrero, we all know WWE Title reigns would come in the future but what about the story that brought them to Titan?

Bruce Prichard's 'Something To Wrestle With' podcast provided us with a whole bunch of new information this week. Prichard was part of the WWF creative team at the turn of the millennium and his latest two-hour podcast delves deep into exactly what led to The Radicalz making the leap and also scratches the surface to analyse each individual member's subsequent success in the WWF/WWE...


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