10 Things We Learned From Kenny Omega On Talk Is Jericho

9. Ibushi vs. Omega Was New Japan's Backup Plan

Kota Ibushi Cody Rhodes

Casual fans only tuning in to see Jericho vs. Omega should check out Kota Ibushi vs. Cody earlier on the WK12 card. It's great to see Cody playing a heel character he feels comfortable with after years of putting up with Stardust in WWE. Against Ibushi, he was able to show what WWE are missing - so let's hope they were watching.

That match might not have happened, had Jericho's plan to wrestle on the New Japan show failed. Omega told how he would likely have wrestled Ibushi on the show as a backup, chiefly because company officials didn't have much else for him to do. This year, without Jericho's influence, Omega was set to play second fiddle to others.

Fans of the Japanese scene will recall that Omega and Ibushi worked together as the Golden Lovers tag team for 5 years, so there would have been some history there New Japan could have used to spin a quick, easy storyline. Thankfully, they didn't need to - and there's always next year...


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