10 Things We Learned From Paige On Lilian Garcia's Podcast

Candid conversation.


In years past, you never heard wrestlers speak candidly in public.

Well, that's not strictly true. If you loitered around outside the hotels they were staying at for long enough, it was perfectly conceivable that you could catch one of your favourite stars enjoying a morning cigarette, and then telling you to get lost (and then filing a restraining order preventing you from coming within 100 yards of them ever again).

But, in general, today's so-called reality era - where just about everyone is sharing snaps on Instagram - has engendered a far more open relationship between fans and wrestlers (which is just amazing if Kevin Owens putting people in their place on Twitter is your cup of tea).

There's also about a million wrestling podcasts, one of them being Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory, on which Paige was recently a guest - something that has sparked an inordinate amount of coverage in news sites and forums across the web.

Why? Because it was an inordinately raw, emotional and revealing interview in which the former Divas Champion made public her feelings about the events of the last year for the first time.