10 Things We Learned From Sasha Banks On Stone Cold's Podcast

10. Her Family Moved Around A Lot Because Of Her Brother's Autism

Sasha Banks Brother

When most 10-year old kids were out playing with friends and socialising, Sasha Banks was staying at home to watch pro wrestling. She admitted to Austin that she'd probably have chosen WWE over a social life anyway, but she also didn't have much choice. Going out would've meant being unable to help her mother take care of her Autistic brother, Joshua.

The family moved a lot too. Born in California, Sasha later lived in Minnesota and Boston (which is where she's billed as being from on television), all because her mother wanted to find the best and most accommodating schools for her sibling. That nomadic childhood helped prepare Sasha for the touring lifestyle she'd later experience in WWE.

Banks didn't waste her time at her. WWE wasn't the only promotion she'd watch, and the internet allowed her to check out matches from companies like New Japan and elsewhere. That broadened her horizons and made her even more determined to become a serious female wrestler.

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