10 Things We Learned From WWE 24: Batista

"You just want to crawl under a rock and hide".

WWE 24 Batista
"I'm so lonely".

Nobody would've been expecting those words from a man who looks like Batista. Then again, this is the same dude who owns Drax The Destroyer dumbbells and was once revealed to collect lunch boxes on MTV Cribs. Dave Bautista is no ordinary man, and his story in WWE 24 is no ordinary story.

There's a lot to take in throughout the 56-minute doc. Everything from Dave's memories of growing up in the rough streets of Washington D.C and battle against his natural shyness to Evolution and WrestleMania 35 are examined. For any Batista fan, this is a real treat, especially when the guy breaks through stereotypical meathead preconceptions to reveal his true humanity, fragility and thoughts on life.

That's the real beauty of the 24 series. It peels back the curtain of bravado at the right moments, never once pretending matches are real or WWE stars really hate one another. The sensational backstage footage, Batista's own humility and snippets of wisdom from Vince McMahon, Triple H and others make his tale one worth seeing.

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