10 Things We Learned From WWE 24 The Hardys: Woken

Honesty is sweet, but redemption is wonderful...

Hardy Boyz WWE

Documentaries featuring rampant recreational drug use, family estrangement, imprisonment and favourable talk about rival wrestling promotions are not commonplace in WWE, but all of those elements were part of The Hardys: Woken on the WWE Network.

An hour-long look at the early development and WWE rise of Matt and Jeff, the film also focused on their controversial personal lives, addiction issues and eventual redemption. Throughout, the story was an honest one remarkably devoid of WWE spin, and it was no surprise to see the name Jeremy Borash listed in the end credits.

This had his fingerprints all over it. Just like he did when helping produce Matt's "Broken" gimmick in Impact Wrestling, Borash tapped into the psyche of his subjects here. He's not the only one who deserves praise though. WWE do too, because this doc could only have worked with their permission and willingness to peel back the curtain on Matt and Jeff's mental fragility.

WWE packed a ton of insight into such a short space of time, and there was so much to glean from the episode. Is it WWE 24's best yet? Perhaps, but there's a feeling they're just getting started...


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