10 Things We Learned From WWE 24: The Year Of Ronda Rousey

"There's always a next chapter."

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People are constantly saying how bad Ronda Rousey is - the baddest, even - though throughout her maiden and perhaps, regrettably, only year in WWE, she proved she was anything but. In the space of just 15 months, the living MMA legend went from a promising but entirely unknown crossover quantity, just as likely to be the next Steve McMichael as the next Floyd Mayweather, to one of the company's only legitimate stars and the first deserving WrestleMania headliner in years.

To say she proved all her doubters wrong would be the wrestling understatement of the decade.

Naturally, WWE made sure they had their ever-intrepid camera crew tailing 'Rowdy' across the entirety of her stint within the company, and now the book has seemingly closed, we've been gifted one of the Network's ever-dependable fly-on-the-wall documentaries all about her experience (this one oddly coming under the '24' and not '365' banner, despite its theme and title).

It's as insightful as ever, as we learn why Rousey wanted to try her hand at wrestling, her first flirtations with the ring, and her future plans now she's seemingly left it behind almost as quickly as she arrived.

Let's just say we might just see her back.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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