10 Things WWE Can Learn From Wrestle Kingdom 12

The best of both worlds.

NJPW 1972

It's easy to watch a show like Wrestle Kingdom 12, last week's NJPW super-card, compare it to December's Clash of Champions, and conclude that WWE is essentially just the wrestling equivalent of an Adam Sandler movie: popular, but not very good.

This impression is perhaps a little misleading, though. In reality, there are plenty of things Vince McMahon and co do better than their Japanese counterparts, from obvious things like marketing and production, right down to the use of female wrestlers (an area in which WWE now puts its competitors to shame).

Despite what the more partisan members of the online wrestling community may claim, the fact is that both companies have their good and bad points - and, if ego could be set aside for five minutes, there's plenty of things they could learn from one another to improve their respective shows.

Having said all of that, since Thursday's show was such a resounding success (and we're all governed by an in-built recency bias), it's New Japan and its cast of incredible wrestlers that we're about to heap a boat loud of praise on.