10 Things WWE Could Learn From Lucha Underground

WWE may rule the wrestling world, but they don't always do things right.

Ivelisse El Dragon Azteca Jr Lucha Underground
El Rey Network

Lucha Underground has been putting out a consistently entertaining product ever since its inception. However, the show may not be to everyone’s liking. Some people may not be able to get over the different approach to wrestling storytelling, or perhaps the violent content may turn them off. But for The Believers, they’re incredibly passionate about their show. They're doing something right.

Despite not having the biggest names in the industry, Lucha Underground is putting out a weekly show (minus breaks in-between seasons) that’s generally more interesting and innovative than what we’re seeing in WWE, TNA and ROH.

While Lucha draws a mere fraction of the ratings of what Raw and SmackDown does every week, that doesn’t mean WWE doesn’t have a lot they could learn from their smaller competitor. After all, it was WCW and the WWF taking cues from the largely regional Extreme Championship Wrestling in the late 90s that helped usher the two companies into their most successful years of business ever.

Lucha Underground’s ratings as a whole have gone up significantly since season one, and WWE is nearing all-time low numbers for Raw. While a true battle between them would still be many years off, Vince needs to start thinking outside the box, unless he wants to continue to see his audience shrink. Luckily, he has a great place to draw inspiration from.

Here are ten things WWE could learn from Lucha Underground right now.


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