10 Things WWE Doesn't Want You To Know About AEW

"NXT is already the alternative..."

Scott Lesh

There are certain WWE fans who absolutely will not look elsewhere for a professional wrestling fix.

To them, WWE is pro wrestling. WWE transcends pro wrestling. It's a capitalist > art mentality conditioned by a relentless marketing campaign that has spanned generations. The subject of the condescension is fluid and era-dependant - Dubya See Dubya, the "high school gyms" of Bryan Danielson's Independent circuit, the "blood and guts" of AEW - but the purpose remains the same. WWE sends a barely-coded message to its fanbase in order to put itself over as the biggest, most sophisticated, most big-time product.

I was one of those fans, back in my teenage years. I opened up my first episode of Power Slam magazine in 1998, shocked and transfixed by the blood-soaked images of so many new worlds. There was a hesitation to enter them. ECW looked (and for UK viewers was) so lurid as to be inaccessible. The names in the Japanese results section were indecipherable and bland: where were the characters, the stipulations?

Over time, this stance softened. A willingness to explore beyond WWE's fading lustre drove a lifelong interest in wrestling on the fringe, but this is something WWE combats now with its new one-stop shop directive in the post-NXT era.

But that shop doesn't stock everything...


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