10 Things WWE Doesn't Want You To Know About NJPW

The Gold Standard of Professional Wrestling.


New Japan Pro Wrestling isn't the perfect wrestling organisation - but it's close.

To deflect accusations of bias - and to hopefully avoid any Dave Meltzer Tokyo Dome jokes, a meme as dead as Hooded Kermit - it should be noted that there are flaws to New Japan's product. There are too many titles, and they change hands too frequently. Even if you give the legend himself five minutes to, like, you know, it's like, catch up with his train of thought, the Meltz would probably struggle to name the last five NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Champions. The brutality of the in-ring action hovers on late '90s All Japan Pro Wrestling-level discomfort, and sadly, we know how that tragic story ended. The Tag Team division offers much entertainment, but the slew of title changes and ten minute matches renders everything a bit pointless.

All that said: New Japan Pro Wrestling, at its best and even at its most average, is an absolutely sensational pro wrestling experience, crammed with drama, prestige - even wonderful farce.

With the ****** classics and the G1 Special In USA shows held this year, wrestling's best-kept secret is now firmly in the open. Fortunately for WWE, the mere mention of New Japan Pro Wrestling causes conniption fits within many of their staunchly loyal supporters. It cannot be as good by virtue of it not being WWE.

Given that NJPW has evolved from Western cult concern to actual competition, that is a perception WWE needs to massage...


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